Auxiliary login system




1, What is Auxiliary login system?

Auxiliary login system ( hereinafter referred to briefly as “ALS”) is an online secondary login system. With it you can login in the original website to modify and repair the car by yourself .

If you are Repairer, you can order in bulk and enable it at any time;

If you are a dealer, you can also resell others and earn commissions;

2, What is Auto Repair Online Programming?


In the process of vehicle maintenance, many electronic control system faults need to be programmed and upgraded to solve the problem. Most of the new control unit needs to be programmed and software corrected SCN Coding code.


For example, the replacement of the gearbox ECU of Mercedes-Benz 722.9, the gear module, the SAM ECU, the SRS airbag ECU, the ABS\ESP control unit, the smart headlight ECU, the instrument, the COMAND system, the ME module, etc. all the works need to be networked to the Mercedes-Benz technical service to be completed, and this work must have an authorized account and password.


Use the original authorized account and password to log in to the original website to modify and repair the car, which is called auto repair online programming.

3,     What you can do with ALS ?

ALS ODIS online

ALS  BENZ online

Vehicle big data diagnosis

Replace the gearbox ECU

ECU programming

Gear module

SVM comparison

SCN Coding


SRS airbag ECU

Key matching


Maintenance, reset

ABS \ ESP control unit

Boot function

Intelligent headlight ECU

Replace the gearbox ECU match

COMAND system

Replace the J518 engine ECU and other vehicle ECU matching

ME module,

Unprotect the components of each control unit


Change vehicle configuration list---modification special function

All work needs to be done with the Mercedes-Benz technical service network to complete

All operations involving security require online programming.

4,     what you can not do with ALS ?

a , Original factory is not allowed online operation.


Ø  Illegal modification of vehicles.

Ø  Matching illegal parts.

Ø  The vehicle was not allowed to be modified by the tool.

b,  Software version is too old caused can not support online ,

c,  Cracked version of the software is not allowed

5, What is the different between Single charge service andALS ?





Account information

Service time (Hour)

Service method

Service Content

Single charge service




Supplier working time


one module



$50/ Day



Local operation



  6,   How ALS works

a, Prepare Diagnostic tool + latest software + laptop

b, Do the works to login in page (picture 1 or picture 2)

c. Special step for ODIS client (benz client no need this step, go to “d” directly)  double click the "geko8" i saved to desktop.



d, Double click on the ALS icon (picture 3) on your desktop

e, Click login in (picture 4)  

f, Connect online and you can do the works next .

g, Online works down, shut off the laptop.